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How to maintain the gas solenoid valve?


1. In the working state, the working pressure and working ambient temperature of the gas solenoid valve may change, so it is necessary to transfer the custody and maintenance of the gas solenoid valve products. Timely discover the changes of working environment of gas solenoid valve to avoid accidents.

2. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the gas solenoid valve, the installation of the filter screen will reduce the entry of impurities into the solenoid valve, which is conducive to reducing the wear of mechanical parts and prolonging the service life of the gas solenoid valve.

3. For the gas solenoid valve products put into use again, the action test shall be carried out before the formal work, and the condensate in the valve shall be discharged.

4. For the gas solenoid valve products that have been used for a long time, the internal and external components of the solenoid valve, especially several important components, need to be overhauled in detail.

5. The cleaning of gas solenoid valve should not be too frequent, but it should not be ignored. If the gas solenoid valve product is found to be unstable or the parts are worn, the solenoid valve can be cleaned when it is disassembled.

6. If the gas solenoid valve is no longer used in a short time, after the valve is removed from the pipeline, the outside and inside of the gas solenoid valve shall be cleaned by wiping the outside and using compressed air inside.

7. Regular maintenance shall be carried out for gas solenoid valve products, such as the removal of sundries and the wear of sealing surface. If necessary, the parts of gas solenoid valve shall be replaced.

In case of harmful strong vibration, the gas solenoid valve can be closed automatically, and manual intervention is required to open the valve. The gas solenoid valve must be overhauled regularly during daily use. If any fault is found, please contact the staff for maintenance as soon as possible.
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