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Thermocouple for Cooker  i want buy the samples to test, it is ok? 

Helen: of course,  not free sample, but when the next order, we will return the  samples money to your.    

Thermocouple for Cooker when will you do the shippment after my payment ?
Helen:  we have the Thermocouple for Cooker   when we received the payment, i will ASAP send to your,(through DHL/ UPS/ TNT/DEDEX,etc)  

3,Customer:  How to pay Thermocouple for Cooker 

Helen: the Western union, Paypal,  person account,  TT ,and so on.
1. Made of high-quality copper , works with solenoid valve to prevent accidents happening, once gas leakage and gas burn out appears,Thermocouple for Cooker  it can put out.
2. 900mm with five nuts gas parts the Thermocouple for Cooker
3. Designed for temperature sensing and measurement.
4. Very simple and convenient to use.
5. Suitable for Thermocouple for Cooker   induction cooker, gas stove, heating device and other burning appliances.
This Thermocouple for Cooker is 150cm in length, and plays an essential part in ensuring the safe use of your cooker - as it acts as a safety device on your gas burner. Its function is to prevent a gas burner being left on that is unlit, which is very dangerous as it could lead to an explosion. The thermocouple is attached to the gas regulator valve, and regulates the flow of gas to your oven.

This height adjustable Thermocouple for Cooker kit contains 5 different thread adaptors, that are suitable for the 5 most common threads on gas valves.
This kit also comes with two fixings included - for adjusting the height of the thermocouple tip.

If your current Thermocouple for Cooker has burnt out, we have this replacement spare that could be what you need to get your cooker back in safe working order once again.

Please check the list of suitable models to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance.
Thermocouple for Cooker means Grain Stabilized Furuya Platinum alloys with Oxide particles-original reinforced Platinum alloy with fine oxide particles developed by Thermocouple for Cooker METAL. It is Platinum material in which very small oxide is added and distributed homogeneously.
Our conventional Platinum with Thermocouple for Cooker sometimes did not fully satisfy customers due to the dispersion of strength and composition.
Comparing to conventional Thermocouple for Cooker has more homogeneous oxide distribution and much longer grain shape sideways, and these characters give stable creep strength and elongate equipment life time. Thermocouple for Cooker dispersion reinforced Platinum which gives more products stability and longer life time to customers.We sincerely hear customer’s requests and support them to design equipment by careful analysis. The stress simulation system, invented upon support of Tokyo university, and accumulated technique and know how enable us to propose optimized design for equipments in complying with customers request.1. Gas source:NG/LPG/propane/butane
2. Service: Accept Thermocouple for Cooker OEM  Sinopts gas stove parts gas stove thermocouple
3. Certification: CSA,CE, ISO9001
4. Appliance: gas oven,gas heater, Thermocouple for Cooker outdoor heaters, volumetric gas water heaters
5. Feature:
(1)Thermocouple for Cooker
Heat characters: The temperature of thermocouple on flame is 600-700 cool characters: The temperature of thermocouple on flame is 600-700.
(2) Inner resistance:Accord to its type and length and the tolerance is in +_10% 10% as irequested.
(3) Length:According to request of customers
(4) Forehead & terminal:According to request of customers
Thermocouple for Cooker can be customized

Thermocouple for Cooker prevents the danger from gas leakage indirectly.
Thermocouple for Cooker as a provider of continuous electrical energy for magnet.
Thermocouple for Cooker is working from thermo energy converse into eletrical energy.
Thermocouple for Cooker will stop providing eletrical energy for magnet when the flame is put out by external factors.

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