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Below are several Thermocouple for Barbecue from several different barbecue grills. Although all gas log fireplace pilot systems use the same technology we are focussing on the gas grill valve here. In the upper right corner is the Thermocouple for Barbecue

Notice all the Thermocouple for Barbecue have a aluminum cover where the thermocouple screws to the valve.
To test the safety valve and the Thermocouple for Barbecue first remove the safety valve from the barbecue. On the DCS the safety valve -- all the DCS valves -- screw into the manifold. To remove the valve disconnect the gas line that extends all the way back to the rotisserie burner and disconnect the thermocouple. Unscrew the entire valve to remove. Remove the aluminum cap where the thermocouple attaches.
Inside the valve we will see the solenoid once the cap is removed. This solenoid slides right out of the valve. Below the safety valve there is a small metal slide that will not usually come out and it is difficult to slide back in to the tiny hole where it installs inside that valve below the solenoid.
Notice the spring at the far end of the Thermocouple for Barbecue. When you depress the DCS button or with other BBQ brands push in the control valve knob this spring is compressed and the metal end is pushed up against the solenoid.
Look for damage. Images at the bottom of this page show a damaged solenoid. The item is made with plastic. The copper coils and metal that becomes the Thermocouple for Barbecue is inside this metal housing. If the inside of the saefty valve is damaged obviously that is what needs to be replaced. It should be cleaned and degreased so movement and connections are easy.
Intelligent, Durable Design: Features that add up to quality and useability
Splash-proof molding for durable outside use, and magnetic backing for added placement options. Outlasts the competition by years.
Thermocouple for Barbecue
Our probes are the most accurate, durable, and long-lasting in the industry. Add functionality to your Signals with additional probes.
Compatible with Billows: Use with our BBQ temperature control fan
Connect our Billows BBQ Control Fan to your Signals to dial in the cook temp in your BBQ pit hour after hour. Adjust temps remotely.

Thermocouple for Barbecue Stays in place with sturdy base and strong magnets on back
Backlit dashboard-style display to track temps, alarms, Min/Max
Rechargeable battery with included power adapter
Designed in Utah by ThermoWorks
Designed for competition Thermocouple for Barbecue  teams, commercial smokehouses, professional chefs, and those who want to cook like them, Signals with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology boasts 4 channels of continuous temperature monitoring with all the powerful features and convenience you've come to expect from ThermoWorks.

Finally, Thermocouple for Barbecue that works with your smart device Thermocouple for Barbecue as a stand-alone unit with physical buttons (so you don't have to soil your smartphone). Signals comes with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology onboard so you get a continuous signal and real-time alerts whether you're in a field or across town. Setup is quick and easy without ever needing to read the instruction manual. Signals stands apart from the competition, from its huge, backlit dashboard display and sturdy, self-standing weather-resistant case to its programmable channel names and new high temperature silicone color bands so you know at a glance which channel goes with which probe. Thermocouple for Barbecue temperature probes exclusive to Thermocouple for Barbecue to deliver better accuracy, faster response, wider temperature ranges and longer useful life. Cook more at once and worry less about the results with Signals.

Signals is designed to track temperatures over an extended period of time with moderate-heat cooking methods such as smoking, oven-roasting, deep-frying, homebrewing, and Sous Vide and to be used while grilling. Signals is not meant to be used in place of a digital instant-read thermometer, Thermocouple for Barbecue  or used with broiling.

With the Thermocouple for Barbecue technology built right in, you'll always stay connected to your smart device. Easy-as-pie setup unlike the other guys.
Signals uses Wi-Fi to store your 10 most recent cooks in the cloud. Access your graphs, Max/Min readings, and alert history at any time in the app, or download them to your phone for archival storage. The cloud keeps a live record during your cooks allowing you to track your temperatures from any phone or tablet at the same time.

Thermocouple for Barbecue Accepts four probes. Comes with three Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probes and one Pro-Series High Temp Air Probe for monitoring your pit temperature.

Signals works with all of our Pro-Series probes. ThermoWorks' Pro-Series Probes are the best in the business for accuracy, durability, and heat resistance. Get the confidence that comes with ThermoWorks probes and meters.

Input a different four-character name for each channel display (i.e Beef, Pork, Lamb). Plus, Signals comes Thermocouple for Barbecue that roll onto each end of each probe, so you can see at a glance which input matches with which probe.

Also Works as a Thermocouple for Barbecue
Control all functions on Signals from your phone or with the physical buttons on the device. The big, bold dashboard-like display shows the channel name identifier, current temperature, high and low alarm settings, and alarm state for each channel, plus volume level, battery state, and wireless status. Control all functions on the unit with physical buttons or from your phone.
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