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Magnet Valve Manufacturers

Magnet Valve characteristic
DIP switch selectable between equal percentage or linear.
Linear characteristic is optimized in the small opening range to eliminate problems from sudden increase of flow when the Magnet Valve opens.
Position control and position feedback signal
Valve position is measured continuously so disturbances in the system are rapidly corrected.
Internal positioning controller ensures that the positioning signal and valve stroke are exactly proportional and delivers the position feedback signal.
Extremely fast positioning speed
Improves control-loop response time and stability
When Magnet Valve building or space requires fast, precise control and zero valve down time, these Modulating Magnetic Valves deliver. Accuracy is unmatched, particularly in low-flow ranges. This means energy savings. These valves really excel in environments where climate consistency is critical.
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Photo above: Magnet Valve-made quadrupole and steering magnets on a shop bench, awaiting the final QA inspection, prior to shipment to Fermilab. RadiaBeam makes a wide variety of magnets, diagnostics, and other components for accelerator facilities.

Magnet Valve offers most of the components and instrumentation types required for modern particle accelerators: diagnostics, magnets, and RF structures, along with all required mechanical, electrical, and thermal management hardware. Attesting to the quality of our components is the use of our parts by leading light source facilities worldwide including Magnet Valve at Trieste. Unique to RadiaBeam is our proactive involvement with the accelerator community. By closely following the continuously evolving technical needs of our customers, we are able to align our design and manufacturing capabilities to address the most pressing needs of the day.

RF Structures
RadiaBeam offers a growing line of standard RF structures, including photoinjectors and linacs. In addition to our standard products, we offer custom and semi-custom microwave structures and components from L-band to X-band, and beyond.

RadiaBeam provides professionally engineered solutions to common beam diagnostic challenges. Hundreds of our diagnostic stations are installed and in operation in laboratories around the world.

Magnet Valve From dipoles to sextupoles to undulators and magnetic chicanes, we manufacture a complete line of magnets and magnetic systems that can be customized for each application. Our control of the entire process from coil winding and precision fabrication to Q/A and design validation ensures the highest performance.

We understand that many of our Magnet Valve customers are sensitive to a product’s costs. Accelerator components are often custom and low in quantity, thus as a rule the prices are strongly dominated by Non-Recurring Engineering. To save time and money, our customers contact us early during the procurement cycle to build upon existing or standard products and save by eliminating unnecessary NRE costs. So, call us as soon as your needs are identified! Don’t spend precious project resources on engineering details without first exploring Radia Beam’s existing solutions that may enormously simplify your job and save cost.

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Aokai is a professional Magnet Valve manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products are CE certified. In addition, we also provide free sample. You can buy high quality and durable products with low price from our factory. If you are interested in our brands products, please contact us immediately. Look forward to working with you! Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guide and negotiate business.