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Several situations and solutions for the gas solenoid valve cannot be closed


During the use of the gas solenoid valve, it is often unable to close due to various problems. The gas itself is relatively dangerous, and the inability to shut down means that there is a big safety hazard, which needs to be solved in time. The following are some of the reasons why the gas solenoid valve cannot be closed, and the corresponding economic methods are given. Hope to bring you some help.

1. Impurities enter the valve core of the gas solenoid valve. Solution: cleaning

2. The spring is deformed. Solution: Replace the spring

3. The operating frequency of the gas solenoid valve is too high, leading to its service life. Solution: Replace with new products

4. The seal of the main spool is damaged. Solution: replace the seal

5. The orifice is blocked. Solution: cleaning

6. The viscosity or temperature of the medium is too high. Solution: Replace the gas solenoid valve model with better applicability