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Three aspects to pay attention to when purchasing solenoid valves


Solenoid valves are valves that use electric power and magnetic force to control, including but not limited to liquid and gas pipelines, and are currently popular in the market. The question consumers care about is how to choose and which brand is better?

In fact, when it comes to the choice of solenoid valves, the brand can be put aside first. There are three main aspects to pay attention to when choosing a solenoid valve.

1. Security

In terms of materials, safety is a good choice. First of all, it must resist corrosion. According to the different requirements of your own factory or operation, the material of the electronic valve also needs to be different. For example, strong corrosive media must use solenoid valves with isolation diaphragms.

2. Reliable
There is a regularity when the factory itself produces, so when choosing solenoid valves, they should also choose to buy them. For example, the solenoid valve used for a long-term pipeline and an intermittently used pipeline is definitely different. Whether it is normally open or normally closed depends on the demand to install.

3. Economy

 No matter what you are buying, the words you think of are generally cost-effective. So the cost-effective source of the solenoid valve is not only the price, but also the installation, maintenance and subsequent benefits that the function and quality of the solenoid valve itself have brought.