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Common solenoid valve troubleshooting


Cause analysis The seals at the joints are loose and the joints are damaged. The temperature of the medium does not match the electric actuator. There are impurities or defects in the pilot valve seat and the main valve seat of the electric actuator. The pilot valve and the main valve seal come out or deformed. Working frequency is too high
Treatment method Adjust the temperature of the medium or replace the suitable product. Clean the ears or grind it. Repair or replace the gasket. Replace the spring. Change the product model or change to a new product.

High temperature solenoid valve does not operate when energized
Cause analysis Poor connection of the power supply wiring, the power supply voltage fluctuation is not within the allowable range, the coil is open or short-circuited
Treatment method Press the power supply wiring to adjust the voltage within the normal range to repair the welding or replace the coil

The medium cannot flow during the valve opening time
Cause analysis: The medium pressure or working pressure difference is inappropriate, the viscosity of the medium, the temperature does not match the valve core and the moving iron core are mixed with impurities, impurities, the filter before the valve or the pilot valve hole is blocked. The working frequency is too high or the service life is expired.
Treatment method Adjust the pressure or working pressure difference or replace the suitable product to replace the suitable product to clean the interior, and the filter valve must be installed before the valve to clean in time, then change the product model or change to a new product.