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What is a gas stove thermocouple?


The function of the thermocouple of the gas cooker is to play "Under the abnormal flameout state, the thermoelectric potential of the thermocouple disappears, and the solenoid valve on the gas pipeline shuts off the gas under the action of a spring to avoid danger." During normal use, the thermoelectric power of the thermocouple continues Ensure that the solenoid valve of the gas pipeline is always open and ventilated. The thermocouple flameout protection device is composed of a thermocouple and a solenoid valve. The ignition thermocouple is heated to generate a thermoelectric potential, which makes the solenoid valve open and ventilate and burn normally. When the flame is abnormally extinguished, the thermoelectric potential of the thermocouple disappears and the solenoid valve is closed protectively. The role of a gas stove thermocouple The burner of a household gas stove is usually equipped with an ignition needle and a thermocouple flameout protection needle. The thermocouple is a very important part of the gas stove. The quality of the thermocouple is related to the ignition reaction time and the ignition success rate of the gas stove. The thermocouple is actually a kind of temperature sensing element, it directly measures the temperature, and converts the temperature signal into a thermoelectromotive force signal, which is converted into the temperature of the measured medium through an electrical instrument. The thermocouple is composed of two different alloy materials. Different alloy materials will produce different thermoelectric potentials under the action of temperature, and thermocouples are manufactured by using different thermoelectric potentials produced by different alloy materials under the action of temperature. Two conductors of different components are connected to a composite circuit at both ends. When the temperature of the junction is different, an electromotive force will be generated in the circuit. This phenomenon is called the thermoelectric effect, and this electromotive force is called the thermoelectric potential. Thermocouples use this principle to measure temperature. Among them, the one end directly used to measure the temperature of the medium is called the working end, and the other end is called the cold end; the cold end is connected to a display instrument or a supporting instrument, and the display instrument will indicate the temperature generated by the thermocouple. The thermoelectric potential. The height of the thermocouple should be basically the same as the height of the fire cover, and care should be taken to keep the distance between the thermocouple and the fire cover. The distance between the thermocouple and the flame cover should not be too far, generally the best distance is 4±0.5mm. If the installation position is too low, the thermocouple will not be heated enough, and the thermoelectric potential will not be enough, and the solenoid valve will not be attracted, and the installation position will be too high , The flame contact is too large, it is easy to burn the thermocouple, the same reason, too far, the thermoelectric potential will not be enough, will not make the solenoid valve attract.