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How to prevent stainless steel solenoid valve from damage


The stainless steel solenoid valve is widely used, but it can also be damaged due to various reasons. For example, if it is used in the gas pipeline, if it is damaged or damaged, it will cause gas leakage and cause danger. According to the investigation, the quality problem and the professional quality of the operators are the dominant factors for the damage of the stainless steel solenoid valve.

The manufacturing unit should:
1. Do a good job of welding process qualification, strictly manage welders, and ensure that welding process parameters are implemented correctly;
2. Investigate and analyze this type of valve to further improve the welding quality of the stainless steel solenoid valve.

When designing a stainless steel solenoid valve, in addition to the characteristics of the liquefied gas medium (chemical composition, corrosion degree, toxicity, viscosity, etc.), the influence of factors such as flow, flow rate, pressure, temperature, use environment and valve material, but also the action of the valve Control, strength and stiffness are checked and calculated, and relevant valve design standards and specifications are implemented.

The user should:
1. The technical quality of escorts and related operators should be improved. It is not only necessary to understand the operation method, but more importantly, to understand its principle and master the technique of handling faults.
2. You can also add support to the stainless steel solenoid valve to reduce vibration during operation.