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Method for Detecting Whether Gas Thermocouples are Damaged


How to test whether the gas thermocouple is damaged: When the user uses a gas stove, how to determine if the thermocouple is damaged, the following is that the thermocouple manufacturer Ningbo Shenjing appliance gives you the simplest judgment of thermocouple damage. Method.

The basis for judging the damage of the thermocouple is to press the knob to combustment. After the knob is released, the fire is turned off, producing such phenomena, the solenoid valve and thermocouples are possible, the liquid gas users should first consider it may be that your solenoid valve is faulty. Natural gas users can consider your thermocouples.

In addition, single thermal electrocouples need to wait for 3 seconds to loosen, no need to provide current, two-wire thermocouples can immediately release, where one end is connected to the igniter with the igniter to provide a current-absorbent current of about 5 seconds. Relevant use methods must be kept in mind.