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Gas Thermocouple Induction Needle


A ignition needle and thermocouple flameout protection needle are usually equipped on the furnace of the home gas stove. The thermocouple is an integral part of the gas stove, and the necrosis of the thermocouple is related to the ignition reaction time and ignition of the gas stove. The thermocouple is actually a temperature sensing element, which is directly measured, converting the temperature signal into a thermometrophic signal, converted to the temperature of the medium being measured by an electrical instrument.

The gas thermocouple induction needle is a two types of thermal materials, and the voltage difference of two thermal materials is generated at the same temperature, and the generated current generates magnetic induction (magnetic field) inside the solenoid valve, which is thermal energy transition to electrical energy, solenoid valve. The needle electrical energy is converted to magnetic force, and the air source spring springs are sucking, thereby opening the air path.